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Antenna System Testing &
Path Alignment Services

No antenna system installation is really complete until you have performed testing to prove that the system is going to function at its peak performance. It is always best to test your new system to make sure that nothing was damaged during the installation that would more than likely cause you downtime and money in the future.


Testing during a new installation will provide you a baseline for troubleshooting should something occur to your system at a later date.


If you have an existing system that has suddenly gone sour, then we can provide you the personnel and equipment to perform any necessary testing to get you back up and running as soon as possible.


We also perform precise path alignments of your antenna systems. During new installations, we use our own signal generating equipment, separate from any radio equipment, to provide you the most accurate alignment possible.

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Technical Services

Use of test equipment that is calibrated yearly by the manufacturer to ensure precise, accurate test results

Customers are supplied with complete, accurate, and calibrated test results

Test Charts are added to forms to give you precise information pertaining to each unique antenna system

Generation of our own amplified signal to align and prove your path's performance.

  Path calculations are provided using data obtained from the field installation to verify path alignment


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Safety Certified

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