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Tower Inspection & Maintenance

Loose hardware, missing hardware, rust or even damaged antenna components can cause a headache for your communication towers and communication systems. Tower inspections and maintenance  can easily be either overlooked or considered an unnecessary expense, but regular tower inspections and maintenance can help avoid the sometimes extreme costs of tower repairs should a failure occur with the tower itself or with your antenna systems. Early detection is the key in avoiding any disruption to your communication flow.


Even the best tower installers have been discovered to have missed tightening a nut or two, and many times we have discovered short cuts taken to save time or money have failed. As a highly reputable company in the microwave industry, we provide you an honest detailed report complete with photographs to give you an accurate status of your tower systems.

Regular inspection and maintenance is a bonus to your system, but how often you should perform these functions is entirely up to you. We recommend that you do a routine check at least every 24 months, but often find it better to use a 12 month interval. Severe Storms can cause havoc on your tower at any given time, and we strongly suggest that you perform a visual check of your communication site if such a storm occurs. Loss in radio signals, loss in pressure of waveguide systems, waveguide or coax slapping against the tower, or even components found on the ground that should be found on the tower only should be cause to perform a tower inspection to correct any damage from the storm.


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  • Site Conditions

    Waveguide Bridge
    General Condition of Site


  • Tower Structure
    Tower Plumb/Straight
    Galvanizing Condition
    Paint Condition
    Climbing Device
    Tower Hardware
    Tower Members
    Tower Guying System
    Anchors and Anchor Foundations
    Guy Cables
    Guy Tension

    • Tower Lighting Systems
      Lamp Illumination
      Conduit Runs
      Controller Box
      Beacon/Obstruction Lights
      Power Outlets
      Photo Cell Operation

    • Antenna Details
      Hardware Condition
      Paint Condition
      Radome / HP Cover Condition
      Stiff Arm Attachments

    • Waveguide / Coax Details
      Overall Condition (Kinks, Bends, Protection, Weatherproofing)

    • Passive Repeaters