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Passive Repeater Systems

Passive Repeaters have been a proven, cost effective, low maintenance alternative to an active microwave site for many, many years. If a Passive Repeater can be used in your system, then Destiny can help design, install and align the passive for optimal performance. We AVOID aligning ground mounted Passive Repeaters using radio signals from the opposite ends. Optical alignment is the best, and usually the only alignment procedure we perform. However, on rare occasions, we will use radio alignment as a LAST option.

An optical alignment of ground mounted Passives gives you the most accurate alignment possible and ensures that the face of the repeater is completely flat. Using radio signals to align these types of Passive Repeaters can result in the face of the passive in a concave or convex condition, thus resulting in a degraded condition of your microwave path.

Typically, the only Passive Repeaters designed for radio signal alignment would be a single panel, tower mounted passive.

With all Passive alignments, we will provide you complete alignment details including all calculations used to achieve the peak orientation needed for your microwave path.


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