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Tower Construction Services

  • Tower Foundations

  • Tower Erection

  • Tower Inspection

  • Tower Maintenance

  • Generator Pads & Foundations

  • Grounding Systems

  • Tower Lighting Install

  • Tower Lighting Maintenance

  • Safety Climb Installation

  • Antenna Mounts

  • Install Replacement Parts

  • Existing Tower Upgrades



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Foundation Installations

Experienced installing all types of foundations for towers, and equipment buildings as well as for generators or fuel tanks.

Foundations are put in exactly to manufacturer's specifications, and any deviation needed from the original design is ALWAYS approved via the manufacturer before continuing.

We acquire all materials, rebar, etc., and contact the concrete companies to ensure the correct mix design. We operate our own equipment to give you a professional foundation installation whether you require a slab, pad & pedestal, or pier type foundation, we provide the quality and results you need, including any and all concrete testing required.

Tower Installation

We strive to install all our towers and associated steel and other tower components in the safest and most expedient manner possible.

Tower installations are accomplished with the use of cranes, and we will rent a crane and hire an operator, or use our own crews who are certified up to 50 tons to erect the tower and any other steel and antenna components needed. We have established good working relationships with several crane companies throughout the states we are licensed to work in and use them frequently to complete our installations.

Crane safety is our number one goal during construction, and our personnel take all necessary precautions to ensure that all aspects of the installation are considered before lifting any material off of the ground.

We also have experience working inside of live power substations and have done so with several power companies following our own safety precautions as well as the power company's rules and regulations.

Tower Upgrades

It is essential to have a qualified engineer perform a stress analysis on existing towers to be sure that the structure itself can accommodate any new communication components being installed. Overloading a tower is never a good idea, though we've seen it done many times. Even installing temporary equipment can cause unsafe conditions for your tower.

Before you install antennas, mounts, or any communication equipment on your tower, take the time to do a visual inspection and tower analysis to ensure that you won't experience any unnecessary expenses after the fact.

It is quite possible you will need to upgrade tower items such as horizontal girts, diagonal member, or a combination of both, as well as, but not limited to, internal bracing.